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Hot place Common ground

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(▲ Near Konkuk University entrance in Common ground)

innovative trend in Seoul 


(수완뉴스=조휘제) Main reason to visit the common ground is because it doesn’t look like your typical shopping mall. Recently, there was a surprising news about a shopping complex consisted of more than two hundreds of containers with exotic materials combined with new cultures called a “Common ground”. It opened on April, 10, 2015 near the entrance to the Konkuk University in Seoul which immediately had gained outstanding reputation among the teenagers for the unique concept of mall consisted of containers. The company, Kolon, known as a clothing brand said that they gained an inspiration and followed by Las Vegas and the United Kingdom’s construction that already had built with containers.


It is known for its flexibility and utility because Common Ground lent the lands that were temporarily empty to be a taxi garage for eight years. So it will be operating for eight years on that space as a pop-up form and as well as its own brands. They have encouraged the stores to sign a contract on six months to yearly basis and expecting consistent replacement among the brands. The benefit is that they tried to select edit, designer stores, and popular online brands to follow the fast pace changing trends rather than large corporations.





(▲Food trucks in the middle of Common ground)

Through a unique designs and unifying blue containers and food trucks in the middle of Common ground gives a feeling of being outside of Korea. Also there will be two to three more additional stores motivated by common ground this year, starting with Konkuk Shop as a first store.


                                                                                         수완뉴스 국제팀 조휘제 인턴기자 ([email protected]) 

청년과 청소년의 목소리를 대변하는 언론.
ⓒ 수완뉴스, 무단전재 및 재배포 금지.

뉴스 미란다 원칙
“취재원과 독자는 수완뉴스에, 자유로이 접근할 권리와 반론·정정·추후보도를 청구할 권리를 가집니다.”

수완뉴스 편집부 공식 계정입니다.

스폰서 광고

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